Managed farm lands

To make life a little easier for such individuals, we offer a unique long term wealth creation opportunity for people to own farmland and take up agriculture.. Here we sign a lease agreement with the landowners for a fixed period of time, where we will be responsible for managing and cultivating the crop without any additional charges claimed to the owners for a complete period of project.

Once the crop attends to a harvesting stage, we will be responsible for complete processing of the crop (Timber) and later the profit of it would be shared in between the landlord and company as per the agreement norms.

Sandalwood Farm

Golden Trees we are giving you a lucrative opportunity to invest your very precious earnings in already available profit making cultivations for a fixed period of time and receive your share of profit after the complete sale of that crop. All you have to do is to choose the farmland from among the available cultivation like timber, sandal etc and have to grab the land or more upto 30 to 40 pieces of lands on lease for a fixed period of time based on the crop cultivated in the land along with the services required for it and wait for your growth in investment.

Dairy Farming

If someone neither has land nor much money to invest on farmlands but wants to go for an extra source of income with a small amount he has and even without any physical efforts, then investment in livestock is a really fabulous option. Invest in some of our animals with a legal agreement. Enjoy the share out of the sale yield from those animals without any botheration of livestock management. We are always here to manage and maintain all the activities including rearing, caring, medication etc of animals in the farm till the collection of products out of them like milk from cattle, eggs from hens etc which will end with the sale and collection of money from the market. The profit earned from those cows will be shared with a customer consequently.