Dairy Farming

Dairy farming has been an important part of the agricultural scenario for thousands of years. India being a predominantly agrarian economy has about 70 per cent of its population living in villages, where livestock play a crucial role in the socio-economic life.

Dairy Farming is best suitable for those investors who have a limited budget to invest. They can choose cattle like cows, buffaloes, goats and sheep for yielding products like milk and wool. Since the requirement is fast moving in the market, this field is recession-free and always rewarding.

Golden trees provide complete infrastructural and maintenance support for dairy farming with small investment & with assured returns.

  • Visit our farm to have a clear visibility how things are taking place.

How it Works


Advantages / Features

  • Alternative source of income for any individuals who are interested in animal farming.
  • Start animal farming with just 1 lac
  • Fixed and assured source of income for short & long period of time.
  • Free training to any Golden trees livestock traders
  • Tax effective income
  • Good quality of Indian A2 cows & cattle’s
  • Availability of good grazing ground & sufficient water source within the premises.
  • Availability of veterinary aid / breeding centers and milk marketing facilities near the project area.
  • Experienced & trained dairy farming labors
  • Animals have their own insurance policy to cover any uncertain costs.
  • Spend your quality time with your family & kids at our farm & explaining them how animal farming is done and can explain them the importance & the opportunity within it.

Crop Pricing / Structure


Investment Process

Want to be a livestock trader at Golden trees…?

  • Register with Golden trees as a livestock investor
  • Minimum investment is 1 lac for 1 Country Cow
  • Complete Maintenance/Labor/Safety/Security of the cow will be taken care by Golden trees with NO additional charges claimed to the investor
  • Average Milk produced by every Cow will be tracked
  • Profit out of the milk produced will be shared (Annually) with the trader as per the agreement norms
  • Profit Share 50-50 (Company & livestock trader)

Safety & Security

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    Animal Selection

    We carefully select the animals so that we can get better yield from them for better profits

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    Environment Friendly

    The infrastructure of dairy farms are environment friendly for proper grazing of animals

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    Insurance Cover

    Every animal has its own insurance policy in the farm to cover the uncertainties. 

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    Security Guards

    For complete protection of cattle, security guards are employed 24/7

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    Feed Cultivation

    The environment friendly infrastructure is built to ensure that feed can be cultivated within the secured premises

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    CCTV Surveillance

    CCTV cameras are installed in the premises for tracking daily activities 24/7