Sandalwood Farm

Sandalwood is a cherished part of Indian heritage and culture. Its multi-purpose uses in religious ceremonies, health or beauty products, fragrance, art or crafts. It possesses amazing fragrance and therapeutic properties which makes sandalwood famous and high in demand worldwide. This is also one of the reasons why Sandalwood is the most costliest and famous wood worldwide and for all the good reasons, this wood is also called as Wooden Gold.The ability to grow sandalwood anywhere provides investors with a lucrative opportunity to produce a handsome source of income. 

India is one of those rare countries in the world which is blessed with suitable climate and soil for the growth of Sandalwood farms. The Indian Sandalwood farms bear the highest oil content which makes them a demandable product worldwide. 

To let people generate a source of income and meet the demand of the market, Golden Trees collaborate with people who are willing to invest in Sandalwood farms. We take care of the entire cultivation and maintenance process while you need to invest in land.  

The cultivation of Sandalwood farms takes roughly about 12-15 years. The flowering process and the heartwood formation takes around 4-5 years of time which grows upto 12-15 years. We ensure thorough systematic and organic cultivation, the land owners can enjoy profitable returns within 12-15 years. It is a profitable investment opportunity where returns make it a better option than other ways of investment

We at Golden Trees ensure to provide a high yield at the maturity period thereby giving you handsome returns within a short period of time. We will take care of the cultivation, right from sowing saplings to harvesting, while the investor only needs to invest in purchasing land. The profit shall be divided in 40:60 ratio amongst both.

How it Works


Advantages / Features

  • Complete end to end maintenance of the sandalwood farms without any additional investment from you
  • Organic way of investment for higher returns within 12-15 years 
  • Sandalwood farms also serves as a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life
  • Complete care of the farm right from choosing the property to cultivation
  • A better way of planning for retirement income as it comes with high returns and is also rotational
  • Enjoy the benefits of land appreciation at no additional costs

Crop Pricing / Structure

Being an endangered species, the government of India is now supporting the cultivation of sandalwood. As it can be grown on all types of soil, the physical distribution of the plant can be easily supported across India except on marshy land. 

Within 12-15 years of nurturing, the saplings can yield higher output of sandalwood, thus giving a handsome return on investment. Cultivation of sandalwood farms is a rotational business, which therefore becomes a source of income for just not once but for lifetime.


Tree Age with Heartwood Yield (KG)

10 years gives 12 years gives 15 years gives
25-30 kg 30-35 kg 40-45 kg

Rate Trends( Year INR/Kg )

In 2010 price In 2015 price In 2020 price
INR 5,500 INR 6,700 INR 8,500

Heartwood (Year INR/Kg)

A-Grade gives B-Grade gives C-Grade gives
INR 25,000 INR 15,000 INR 5,000

Safety & Security

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    Land Assessment

    Before we purchase land, we do the complete assessment of land, soil so as to get maximum output

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    Solar Fencing

    The solar fencing are installed with alarm signals which immediately signals us about trespassers

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    Irrigated Land

    We establish drip irrigation system with water storage ponds to ensure timely water supply to the saplings

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    Farm Maintenance

    We ensure complete maintenance during the first year of saplings of sandalwood so that insects and termites can be eradicated

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    CCTV and GPS Monitoring

     Microchip with GPS monitoring device is attached to the entire tree along with complete surveillance of the place through CCTV cameras

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    Power Backup

    We provide 24/7 power back for the solar light polls to ensure that the farms are well lighted