Developed Farmlands

In a practical approach we can easily guess that buying a farm needs a large sum of capital. It’s not enough to purchase a piece of land but you need to give countless efforts to receive a handful of profit. But nowadays investors have many other options to gain exposure to the sector beyond purchasing a farm.

Here in GoldenTrees we are giving you a lucrative opportunity to invest your very precious earnings in already available profit making cultivations for a fixed period of time and receive your share of profit after the complete sale of that crop. All you have to do is to choose the farmland from among the available cultivation like timber, sandal etc and have to grab the land or more upto 30 to 40 pieces of lands on lease for a fixed period of time based on the crop cultivated in the land along with the services required for it and wait for your growth in investment.


GoldenTrees acquire a large piece of vacant land as farmland to yield many profit oriented crops like timber, sandal etc consequently. At present about 5,000, 10,000 SqFt each are ready to purchase with the gated community.

The individuals can choose and purchase the size of plots based on their budget. That land will be registered immediately on the name of our customers.

The customers can further give these lands for profitable cultivation to GoldenTrees on lease.

We as GoldenTrees are champions in agricultural activities will fully develop these crops of sandalwood or the other as per scheduled has been completely taken care of by GoldenTrees for 15-16years. GoldenTrees will be responsible for managing and cultivating the crop till harvesting.

It includes their plantation with proper layout’s partitions to complete farm maintenance without ANY maintenance charges till the end of lease period.

Once the crop attends to a harvesting stage, GoldenTrees will be responsible for the finishing process of the crop (sandalwood). At the end profit earned from the sell would be shared in between the landlord and GoldenTrees as per the agreement norms.

Just for an imaginary visualization on our productivity, we have cultivated more than 100 acres of timber lands over the last few years. Timber is a safe option as it is pest resistant and demands very little water compared to other crops. It is not only a long-term wealth creation option, but also timber lands play a very important role in creating a positive impact on the environment, soil and groundwater. The demand for timber in the country has led to an increase in the commodity price which in turn forms the source for higher returns.

The complete management process of that crop from germination to harvesting or labor management is all our duty. We follow simple steps in the farming model wherein it takes the initiative of procuring agricultural lands based on the soil conditions, water availability and accessibility. Further we plant (Sandalwood, Malabar Neem, Teak) in every project.

Project A: Sandalwood Farm
Project B: Teak Farm
Project C: Malabar Neem (Melia Dubai)
Project D: Mixed Tree farm

We follow the technique of multiple cropping, it allows us to achieve better results by making practical use of resources such as soil, water, fertilisers etc. Crops having different nutritional requirements grow simultaneously in the same piece of land leads to the utilisation of nutrients in maximum with multiple cropping.

We welcome our investors to select many numbers of fields of the same or various crops as per availability and the budget they have for a particular period of time to invest on lease. You can select 30/40 sites in your name for years till the crop exists.

Then after the harvesting and selling of finished crops in the market, profit will be shared between the customers and GoldenTrees.



Sandalwood Farm

Once upon a time sandalwood was considered as the vital agro product of Mysore and nearby areas. But now it is allowed to grow sandalwood anywhere is the country to ensure the supply of sandalwood in future.


Melia Dubai (Malabar Neem)

In India the “Malabar Neem” (Melia dubia) is comes under forest plantations and is a fast growing tree crop with an approximate height up to 20 m and produces greater bio-mass in relatively shorter period.


Mixed Farm

Mixed farming is a type of farming which involves both the growing of crops and the raising of livestock. The cultivation of crops alongside the rearing of animals for meat or milk defines mixed farming.