(“Small Investments with big benefits”)

Agriculture and animal husbandry have a symbiotic relationship, in which the agricultural sector provides feed and fodder for the livestock and animals provide milk, manure and draught power for various agricultural operations.

Golden Trees provides an opportunity for all individuals who want to be a part of animal farming & to generate additional source of income.

Livestock provide high-quality foods such as milk, cheese, butter, ghee, meat etc.

We do livestock with organic & healthy way without depending on any antibiotics that will be harmful for animals & we treat every animal as part of our livelihood.

We have created a clean and healthy environment for animals at our farm.

You can visit our farm to have a clear visibility how things are taking place.

You can spend your quality time with you kids at our farm & explaining them how animal farming is done and can explain them the importance & the opportunity within it.



Dairy Farming

Dairy farming is a type of agri-business involved in the production of milk and it’s products from domestic animals. In Golden Trees we have many milk giving animals as cows and buffaloes. Choose and invest in as many animals as per your budget and cherish the earnings out of the sale of dairy products


Sheep & Goat Farming

Sheep and goat are considered the most affordable animals as they can be accommodated in any weather conditions. They need low investment, less space, less maintenance, minimal housing requirements, and fewer production costs which include infrastructure, feeding and treatment.