Plantation Services

Through our rich experience, we have understood that every crop is impacted by the property we choose. Hence, we are extra conscious about land, soil and also the mother plants that we pick for harvesting. One of the USP of our services is that we adopt the best cropping and harvesting practices along with monitoring and maintenance of the plantation to ensure that we get the highest yield after the maturity period.

Under plantation, we are committed to provide two range of services:



Sandalwood Farm

Once upon a time sandalwood was considered as the vital agro product of Mysore and nearby areas. But now it is allowed to grow sandalwood anywhere is the country to ensure the supply of sandalwood in future.


Managed Farmlands

Owning an agriculture farm plot is no doubt a lifelong opportunity to create tremendously rewarding wealth. But it's not that easy to maintain farmland, it needs many factors to deal with the regular process of cultivation.