How We Do - Land Selection

A perfect location holds the keys to the success of a plantation project. Our locations are selected carefully keeping in mind a variety of factors such as climate, topography, and availability of reliable water sources. Moreover, we ensure the land we choose meets the demands of accessibility and holds the potential for future development in its neighbourhood.

How We Do - Layout Formation

Complete farmland development is perfectly designed & have fulfil all necessary legal requirements as per the Land Revenue Act.

Later farm is divided & developed into sectors with a proper partition with each plot measuring 7 gunthas (7600 SQ FT), ready to purchase farmland with the complete gated community.

How We Do - Purchasing Plots

It is important to confirm that the land has a clear and marketable title, to avoid falling into legal hassles, whereas goldentrees agro farming verifies and confirms that there are no disputes or legal hassles and the process of registering to its clients must be hassle-free.

Hence later Individuals can purchase the plots based on their budget and the land will be registered immediately to the customers.

How We Do - Sandalwood Plantation

Sandalwood is a precious resource with great demand worldwide. We opt for the best seeds and saplings available in the market to ensure the growth of high yield production.

Goldentrees offers scientific crop management, and consequent healthy growth of Sandalwood plants, and promises robust security to the farmland.

How We Do - Leasing Plantation

Clients can lease their land or plantation to Goldentrees for 15years. Where we guarantee complete free maintenance services by taking care of your property without any maintenance charges (End to End Free Maintenance). Apart from that our profitable leasing program is an apt solution for people looking to engage in Agriculture but don’t have the knowledge or time to execute their agriculture desires.

How We Do - Plantation Management

Sandalwood plantation will be managed following an efficient and functional Management Plan. We have unique plantation management for sandalwood trees, where we focus on natural forestry management as well as selective breeding to produce larger trees that produce ultimate returns. All our management tasks will be performed by the highly qualified and experienced golden trees staff.

How We Do - Sandalwood Harvesting

Harvesting takes place once our Sandalwood trees reach the maturity period of 15 years of age. Furthermore, our complete harvesting process will be taken care of legally. Goldentress will be responsible for managing and harvesting the crop. It is anticipated that Harvests will be conducted 14 to 16 years after planting.

How We Do - Profit Sharing

The landlord gets a fair share in the returns/profits generated by our sandalwood plantations. We make sure profit is given to our partners as per the agreement norms. The Sandalwood Plantation Profit will be divided between the plot owners and Goldentrees on a 60:40 basis (Plot owner 60% and Company 40%). We guarantee an excellent return on your investments with a favourable market outlook.

Our Benefits

Keeping money just in saving accounts will slowly lose its value due to inflation. Investing money is a good idea and will allow it to grow. Investments may carry some risks but it pays off handsome returns over long term. This return allows your money to compound, earning money on the money already earned and creating wealth over time. It gives you Financial security, Financial independence, Building wealth, Attain incomplete goals.

Benefits of Farmlands:
  • Farmland provides a high level of capital security and a low level of risk. It is effective even in inflation.
  • Investing your money in this area can be a good strategic move because whether the economy faces recession or boom, food is always required to eat.
  • As the population is increasing regularly therefore farming will gain more importance in stock exchange in future.
  • Farmland investment delivers high total returns and superior risk adjusted returns.
Benefits of Livestock:

The livestock farming plays a significant role in economic development through daily cash income and fulfill required nutrition to farmers along with the socio-cultural aspects of any locality. It includes:

  • Food supply
  • Source of income
  • Asset saving
  • Source of employment
  • Soil Fertility
  • Livelihood
  • Transport
  • Agricultural traction
  • Agricultural diversification
  • Sustainable agriculture
Uniqueness of livestock:

Apart from this, livestock provides additional contribution in agriculture through:

  • Draft power
  • Manure
  • Fuel
  • Fertilizer